Buddhist monks, Nazis, Yetis!

It’s 1935. Adolf Hitler has combined the offices of Chancellor and President and named himself Fuhrer. Trade unions are abolished, political parties other than the Nazis are outlawed, “un-German” book are burning. Discrimination and violence against Jews and other non-Aryans is met with chilling indifference, even tacit approval, from the authorities.

Germany has withdrawn from the League of Nations, and in violation of the Treaty of Versailles, is rebuilding its military capability. While the German military machine warms to life, Nazi scientists race to remote corners of the globe—researching. But researching what? In some circles, there are whispered tales of the Nazis’ search for artifacts possessing mystical powers.

Our heroes embark upon journey to Tibet to foil the Nazis plans. But what awaits them at The Temple of the Yeti?

Temple of the Yeti

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