Adalbert "Bert" Heisenberg

German veteran of WWI and self-taught scientist that focuses on some of the more dubious areas of the scientific world



  1. Self-taught scientist
  2. Blue-collar upbringing
  3. “I fought in the trenches.”
  4. All too familiar with the gadgets of war
  5. “Me and Einstein are like this.”
  6. Fringe scientist and inventor
  7. “AC may be safer, but DC is more fun!”
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Superb(5): Engineering
Great(4): Investigation, Science
Good(3): Academics, Guns, Survival
Fair(2): Alertness, Drive, Mysteries, Resolve
Average(1): Athletics, Deceit, Endurance, Fists, Weapons


  • Engineering:
    • Demolitions
    • Architect of Death
    • Mister-fix-it
  • Investigation:
    • Focused Senses: Sight
  • Science:
    • Scientific Genius: Electricity

Grew up poor. Mother, two younger sisters, and a father that was often away working in a manufacturing plant. Dropped out of school at a young age and began working at the same plant.

The War

Survived the trenches on the Western Front. Not a great soldier, but a survivor. Took interest in the design of machines of war which led to an interest in science.

Bert and the Experimental Metal Man

Bert taught himself science by living in books and by corresponding with famous scientists, but he often focuses on the more “speculative” areas of science. It was not long before Bert began looking into his own government’s scientific endeavors and discovered a Nazi program to develop a new type of mobile weapon. ┬áBert couldn’t let them use it for evil!

Guest Star: Anja

Anja Kandinsky stumbled upon Bert’s secret lab while exploring the Berlin catacombs. She arrived just as Bert was “awakening” the Nazi robot. The machine went haywire and attacked Anja. Bert and Max managed to deactivate the machine just in time.

Guest Star: Max

Max held off the fully functional Metal Man through the liberal application of muscle, giving Bert just enough time to start up and charge his electrical dynamo device to overload the Metal Man.

Adalbert "Bert" Heisenberg

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